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Welcome. Bonneville is a company for freelance Java (JEE) projects and mobile websites.

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Here are some projects (older projects like MidiChat are not listed)

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Customers prefer to make appointments or bookings when this can be done online. Sokati is comprehensive scheduling software especially designed to create online appointments, reservations, bookings and subscriptions. Let your customers create new appointments or reservations themselves on your own website.


CPS is a realtime interactive programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media & I/O. Patches are build by placing objects and making wires between them. Areas of interest are sound design, algorithmic composition, DSP, electronic/computer music and education. CPS can be used in any realtime situation where sound plays a role.


DJ Cronnor is a DJ-tool for a hybride analog/digital equipped club. It contains a full-featured dualdeck mp3/ogg-player complete with pitching and some effects, and it has a playlist-system for usage inside a bar.


OnePoll is usefull to get an answer from a lot of people, but without getting tons of mails or spend an hour reading a forum to get the conclusion. The reason for this is that people can add options themselves. So, OnePoll is an open poll-system, ideal for questions like: 'At what date and time shall we go to the movies?' or 'Where shall we go to dinner next time?', etc. So don't forget: if your choice is not listed, just add it yourself, but don't e-mail it to the group!!!