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Welcome. Bonneville provides education at Strohplatz and the scheduling system Sokati, and geweldloze communicatie Strohplatz.

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Here are some old software projects (older projects like MidiChat are not listed)

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CPS is a realtime interactive programming environment for audio, MIDI and other media & I/O. Patches are build by placing objects and making wires between them. Areas of interest are sound design, algorithmic composition, DSP, electronic/computer music and education. CPS can be used in any realtime situation where sound plays a role.


DJ Cronnor is a DJ-tool for a hybride analog/digital equipped club. It contains a full-featured dualdeck mp3/ogg-player complete with pitching and some effects, and it has a playlist-system for usage inside a bar.


OnePoll is usefull to get an answer from a lot of people, but without getting tons of mails or spend an hour reading a forum to get the conclusion. The reason for this is that people can add options themselves. So, OnePoll is an open poll-system, ideal for questions like: 'At what date and time shall we go to the movies?' or 'Where shall we go to dinner next time?', etc. So don't forget: if your choice is not listed, just add it yourself, but don't e-mail it to the group!!!